THE LISTENING BOOTH is an online listening gallery of contemporary sound based art and experimental music and was launched in October 2015.  THE LISTENING BOOTH was developed as an opportunity to test the limitations and freedoms of using sound like a physical space.

Now in its second run THE LISTENING BOOTH hosts downloadable MP3s produced by artists, writers, musicians and performers. Each MP3 acts as a dedicated gallery space for each artist. The works can be listened to online or downloaded and experienced in the world. This allows the artists to implant their work directly into their listeners’ life, but also allows the listener access to art outside a traditional gallery setting.

The project also allows a space for musicians to share work which defies classification or is unsuitable for live performance with a wider audience.  The internet was chosen the venue for this project because of its vast accessibility and inclusivity. It also reflects the manner most of us experience the majority of our sound culture. Listening to music or the spoken word online or via podcasts is, for the most part, a solitary experience. THE LISTENING BOOTH aims to make full use of the intimacy created between the artist and a single listener.

THE LISTENING BOOTH is a not-for-profit project. By submitting to THE LISTENING BOOTHartists are consenting for their work to be downloaded for free. This is essential to encourage users to share work widely, as we want the project to be as widely accessible as possible.

THE LISTENING BOOTH is a G George project. G George is a curatorial project created by artist Katie Tindle, and is based in South East London.

Website developed by Matthew James Trout
Website designed by Katie Tindle

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