So, what is it that you do exactly?

“So, what is it that you do exactly?” 

* Art exhibition, curated by G. George, hosted at SLAM KX
* Sound, performance, video
Discussion with artists (to be published post exhibition) - “So, what do you do exactly?”
*Bip Pit Battleship, Joe Moss, Charles Verni, Peter Martin, Sid and Jim, Owen D. Davey and Sim Hutchins, BFF666

-Multidisciplinary practices, particularly less traditional fine art mediums ie sound, music, internet based works. These practices are :
a) A product of financial nesessity – Jack of all trades gets more temp jobs / lack of physical studio space / time constraints “what can I make/can be viewed on the bus?”
b) An indicator of how our cultural consumption is changing. Is it becoming more efficient (one stop shop style art events)? Is it this positive, negative or neutral? Discuss. 
c) and always have been part of contemporary art, you’re not special.
d) All of the above

Possible responses to “So, what do you do exactly?” include but are not limited to:

“I work in Social Media Marketing.”
“Like, I used to paint but now I do a lot of online stuff”
“You know, bits and bobs”
“I’m an artist. No... well... for money I work as an admin assistant”
“Bar work”
“I make art. Contemporary art. Ha ha, yeah well not really but yes like Tracy Emin.”
“I’m not sure”