Elastic mediums

Elastic Mediums

Saturday 2nd July 2016

screenings of the film and video works were held
between 12.00 - 6.00pm on Sunday 3rd June, to coincide with
the Belfast Road Street Events.

Elastic mediums was a two day exhibition and performance evening curated G. George. It was held at Campbell works Gallery, stoke newington.

Sound is essentially a mechanical disturbance travelling through an elastic medium - a material which returns to its original condition after being deformed. The works included in this exhibition approach sound from this perspective and utilise sound as a physical material.

Often skirting the borders between practices such as film making, poetry, music and performance art, the work in this collection cannot be defined as being any one discipline. Born from G. George’s inaugural project -TheListeningBooth.co.uk, a space created for sound art works unsuited for a traditional gallery – this exhibition probes the spaces between the physical and digital, the sculptural and bodiless.

Film reel:

JDA Winslow
Eden Mitsenmacher
Norman Mine
Anna Pickles Harvey
Karen Turner


Charles Verni
Joe Moss
Mark Feltham/Feltsound

Video Installations

Tom Camm